VOLTMATIC for Trading and Contracting Company was established in 2006 under commercial registration 2051032383. The management developed a growth strategy focused on building a Multidisciplinary professional services firm. VOLTMATIC Company operates from its Head Quarter which is located in Al Khobar and with a Branch office located in the central region operating all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Company provides the full range of program management; planning, designing, engineering, and monitoring; systems engineering and technical assistance; construction in the Fire Protection sector and Fire Protection construction management; operations and maintenance; and we operate in some of the most challenging environments, providing single-source solutions to our public and private sector clients. VOLTMATIC is a pioneer in supplying and stockiest of various types of Fire Protection System Materials to fulfill the project needs from its local and international sources from all over the world. Our Skilled Logistics and Warehousing Mechanism make it easy to fulfill the needs of our clients. Our material supply specialties are in the field of Oil & Gas, Fire Water systems/Fire Fighting systems, and ventilation systems.

Our Mission

We bring value for society, customers, and all stakeholders, through innovative, efficient, neutral, and quality management for the provision of shared Fire Protection systems, Material Supplying Services, and infrastructure through the drive and development of our staff team.

Our vision

VOLMATIC is the premier leader in Fire Protection System infrastructure provider in the eyes of our employees, customers, and communities, enabling the deployment of advanced services that make Fire Protection System & Material supplying services everywhere.

Our Values

We as an organization should apply a set of sustainable values in dealing with business matters, including ensuring the quality of professional and competitive work controls in any project completion, sales, and support assurances, as well as preventive maintenance and repair services.


Knowledgeable people who are passionate about fire protection and delivering incredible service — that’s what we’re all about. Since 2006, we have offered a customer service experience that our clients adore; they rave about the ability to talk to a live person when they call and the knowledge our staff has out in the field. Our team has a genuine sense of pride in the products and services we offer across all facets of fire protection and a desire to share their knowledge with our customers so they can run their business and keep the general public safe.


Our core values are an unwavering guide, governing our behaviors. They support our vision, shape our culture, and reflect what we value. These core values are the essence of who we are and what drives us to deliver superior service to our clients, day in and day out.

Core Values

Take Ownership

Be accountable, take pride in what you do and strive for excellence.

Never Settle

We are the best because we always strive to do things better, quicker, or more efficiently. We foster continuous improvement on a daily basis.

Value Relationships Not Transactions

Invest in people and form strong, long-lasting relationships based on trust that extend past the life of a project.

Be Safe

The very nature of our work is centered around safety and we take it seriously. Safety is a priority every day. It starts with our employees and extends to our clients and the general public.

Do The Right Thing

A promise made is a promise kept. If something goes wrong, we will make it right.

Grow and Learn

We give our employees the tools and training they need to be successful, not just today, but as they grow in their careers.

Be Responsive

Promptly respond to requests and make yourself available to clients and colleagues.